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Wiseco Ford SBF 3.572" Bore 3.543" Stroke + 6.00cc Dish, with four valve reliefs Forged Aluminum Pistons K0079X2

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These Pistons are an In-Board Forging, Strutted Skirt design capable of handling lots of Boost and / or Nitrous. Some of their features are a .300" Down Top Ring, Thick Skirts and Struts and Wiseco Armour-Glide Skirt Coating. The best thing about this Piston Set is the Rings. These Pistons are supplied with Wiseco GNX Piston Ring Set which uses a Gas Nitrided Steel Top Ring and Napier 2nd Ring with a 3 Piece Oil Ring. The Steel Top Ring is capable of withstanding large amounts of Boost and / or Nitrous, while the Napier 2nd Ring helps with Oil Control. We have been testing these Pistons / Rings for quite some time now and they are the absolute best we have seen.

52100 Tool Steel .200" Wall Wrist Pins are available as an upgrade - Suggested for 800+ HP
For Applications over 1000 HP, we suggest contacting us for a custom set of Pistons.

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