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Vararam Cold air intake kit 2005-07 Corvette VR-SC1

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The unit is formed using two construction processes, the upper is roto molded to ensure a seamless internal aero package leading into the air meter.
The second, the lower scoop is vacuum formed, this has been done to allow us to alter the scoop and its aero-packages to suit specific applications, giving us more flexibility and performance in street or racing use.
This ensures maximum performance at all times.
Without using any special programming you should expect 10-15hp from any cold air kit,but once moving the VR will put all the lost MAP pressure back into the plenum yielding another 17hp by 60mph 19-20 by 90-100mph.
Kits are rated through a mile, your total power through a mile is about another 22hp plus the dyno hp of 10-15hp, so, on the low side, 32 Rear wheel hp, high side 37 Rear wheel hp.
That's 39- 42hp at the fly wheel through a mile.

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